Hot Air Plank Laminator – Model LAM 67

The Ttarp Hot Air Plank Laminator is designed to weld a consistent surface bond between two foam planks without bowing-curl. Foam planks can be dissimilar in thickness and density.

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System Features:
PLC control handles a wide range of functions for precision and efficient operation.
  • Hot air lamination of plank material that is heat sealable including polyethylene, polypropylene or copolymer foam materials
  • Bonds most 1.2 to 12 lb/ft.3 density polyethylene, polypropylene, or copolymer foam materials
  • PLC controlled conveyor and driven compression rollers
  • Independent speed control of top compression rollers
  • Adjustable angle for infeed conveyor
  • Adjustable speed infeed conveyor and bottom compression rollers
  • Sensor for front edge alignment of planks
  • Four sets of compression rollers for excellent bonding. Lead compression roller is knurled
  • Adjustable temperature controls for precise setting of interior calrods and exterior heat guns of heat wing
  • Adjustable height control of compression rollers
  • Adjustable height control of heat wing clearance
  • High friction conveyor belt with bonded ìvî belts on underside for accurate tracking
  • Heavy steel construction and casters
  • Four (4) e-stops
  • Over-temperature alarm and temperature imbalance alarm de-energizes heaters
  • Automatic blower on timer – temp limit to extend life of heat gunís ceramic elements
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.

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