Low-Cost, Replaceable Belts for Die Cutting Presses

Belts for Ttarp die cutting presses are available in plastic, extra-hard paper, and poly-coated paper.


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  • The cutting belt carries product into and out of the press, making notching unnecessary. Stretching and distortion of materials are eliminated. Cut pieces are easy to pick.
  • Small sheets or pieces can be carried by the belt and positioned accurately under the die.
  • The die cuts into the belt, not against the steel platen. This prevents damage to the knife edge. Die life is increased up to ten times or more.
  • Since the cutting rule stays sharper, longer, better quality cuts are produced with less tonnage required.
  • The clean cut produced by the belt allows feed-thru punches to be used within the die for automatic slug removal by an air clean-out process.
  • Thru-cutting, kiss cutting and slug removal can all be done with the same die.
  • Adjustable four-corner stop blocks control the depth of the cut, prolonging belt life.
  • A make-ready sheet under the belt makes it easy to shim small areas or spots of the die to ensure a 100% clean cut.
  • Make-ready sheets are stored with the die to save time setting up for the next run. Many dies will not require any set-up because of the cutting belt.
  • Belts can be replaced easily in five minutes or less.
  • Belts are low in cost and available in plastic, extra-hard paper, and poly-coated paper.

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